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“Every business starts with a dream.” 


Three friends, three journeys, one shared dream of owning a restaurant. Then two and now three.


Our first restaurant’s focus was on breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but scrumptious, mouthwatering, savory and sweet. One dream accomplished. We knew our journey couldn’t end here.


Born and raised in Thailand, we often craved good Thai food and we wanted people to experience the type of Thai food we were accustomed to (with some modern twists of course).


Our good friend was a very talented chef who graduated from one of the top culinary schools in Thailand. With her wealth of knowledge and industry experience, we were able to turn our dream into reality. Hence our 2nd restaurant was born.


Over the years, we'd been inspired to combine the love for Thai cuisine and breakfast together. Who said you can’t have the best of both worlds? Not us!

We strongly felt breakfast and Thai food concepts under one roof was a great combo. Since then, we had been on a hunt to find a new restaurant location. Weeks, months and years passed. Our search continued near and far.


One day, we took a stroll in Galveston and spotted this building with such beautiful architectural details and a lovely green garden in the front. Immediately, it was love at first sight.


We knew we had found “the perfect place” to call home for our new restaurant. Hence “The Garden Thai Cuisine” was born. 


Since we’re on an island, we incorporated a “coastal” vibe with a touch of tropical green to our decor. When you come in, you’ll see a lot of green, white, and tan colors throughout the restaurant. This color set makes the space feel very relaxed and serene.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon....

10/18/2021: our breakfast items currently are not available, but will resume as soon as we're able to. Our sincere apologies for inconvenience.

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Let's eat!

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